What to Wear

Here are some suggestions on items to wear for each session:

  1. Potrait Session
    I recommend little to no prints/logos as they can be distracting and compete with background choices. Look for a colour palette that you like and stick within those complimenting colours. Please remember there are no shoes allowed in the studio, nice socks or bare foot will be required.
  2. Maternity
    Anything Long and flowy, tight and belly revealing. Avoid prints if you can. Lace is always a gorgeous pick.
  3. Boudoir
    I recommend things that make you feel beautiful. This could include: robes, lingerie, sports jersey, cutesy t-shirts, (better fitting) men's dress shirt, comfy knit sweaters. I always suggest bringing skinny heals since chunky heels add width where it doesn't belong.
  4. Engagement Session
    Complimenting colours. Stick to a similar palette. Example: Blues and Beige. Stay away from prints or logos.